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2020-2021 Leadership

Julie Lu


In my free time, I like to explore parks, go camping, learn new things, and tend to my planted aquariums.

Kim Ta


My best friends and I started a monthly book club over the summer to encourage us to read new books of different genres!

Rustin Pevehouse


I am very active in the Texas caving community and am super in to aquariums, fish-keeping, dogs, cats and anything animal related.

Vu Do


I take pride in being able to eat large quantities of food and have won a Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament.

Alec Garza


Fun fact about me is that I used to practice Kendo for 2 years

Jason Yang


I was in culinary school for a week until I left for pharmacy! Also my grandma in the photo is almost 100!

Deven Jadeja


I love working out given the time like rock climbing or lifting weights.

Jeanette Lahoud


Anything music is my happy place, so I'm always down for a jam sesh!

Sarah Zeidat

Vice Regent

When I'm not studying or doing school-related activities, I enjoy organizing with National Students for Justice in Palestine and dancing dabke.

Francesca Oleta


A fun fact about myself is when I was in 6th grade, I started a youtube channel with my cousin and from there I fell in love with all aspects of videography.

Kathy Vo

Pledge Master

Fun Fact about me: I was inspired by one of our Kappa Psi Brothers to draw and design and I now have a small sticker shop on etsy.

Tom Nguyen

Pledge Trainer

I have an identical twin and I can't tell the difference when I look at baby pictures of us.