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Past Brothers of the Month

Province would've lost so much money if Tai did not offer to let us use his speakers and microphones. Tai gave up enjoying Casino Night as Province to help play music throughout the night. He was always offering a helping hand when needed. We are proud to be your brother, Tai!

Both Amy and Uyen  have been awesome brothers. They have worked hard as social chairs. However, it is what they do in addition to their chair position that makes them stand out. Both Amy and Uyen are always willing to give their brothers a helping hand when it comes to studying for exams. They hold group reviews for any brothers needing help with classes. Uyen and Amy ask for nothing in return. They are truly doing the work of Kappa Psi. 

Edwin has gone above and beyond in ensuring that the chapter is the best that it can be. Beyond his role as Vice Regent, Edwin continually helps others and provides support when needed. He approaches everything with a great attitude. Thank you for all your hard work!

Samantha is selfless in all ways. From Province preparation, the upcoming blood drive, and to serving her brothers on main campus, she not only helped, but she followed through in a timely manner. She has always been professional, respectful, and kind to her brothers. Sam deserves to be recognized for all the selflessness she has exhibited in the past few months, as a pledge and as an active brother. Thank you, Sam!

Rob always goes the extra step and helps out whenever he can. Whether it's offering to pick up food for brothers or helping out with academics. Rob is always there. Thank you for everything you do for our chapter, Rob! 

Our fundraising chairs have been on top of their game and have helped raise funds for our chapter. Yuri  has been consistently active in her position. She has helped out the chapter by working tirelessly with apparel companies and other chapters that have wanted to purchase from us. Chien has also been actively helping the chapter by providing numerous profit shares that has helped raised numerous funds for the chapter! In addition they had a successful goodie bag fundraiser and are always here to lend a hand. Thank you for everything you guys do! 

Even while on rotations, Jennie came out to pledge meetings and was a tremendous help during Second and Third Function. Jennie made it a point to make sure that things ran smoothly and would always lend a helping hand. Coming early and staying late while always having a positive attitude shows what being a brother is all about. Thank you for everything you have done for the chapter and we are very proud to be your brother!

From setting up successful health fairs, to making connections through volunteering, these Professional Relation Chairs have gone above and beyond their scope of the role and the chapter is thankful for all the opportunities to give back to the community. Their work with the American Red Cross and Be the Match has made our chapter proud and we cannot thank them enough for everything they have set up in the past year. Thank you Jay, Ashley, and Larry for all your dedication!

Rohan  not only goes above and beyond for our chapter, but continues to do so for every organization he is a part of and for the pharmacy profession itself. He helps a brother whenever he is asked and never hesitates to lend a helping hand. Thank you for your dedication to the fraternity, your contagious passion, and everything you do.

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