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Kim Ta


My name is Kim Ta and I'm a P3. Currently, I am the Secretary of Kappa Psi Delta Delta Chapter. While managing our weekly newsletters, I also work behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly when it comes to online communications and keeping every brother accounted for with our national board. Kappa Psi has given me the opportunity to work with a team of amazing individuals who have inspired me to be the leader that I am today. Armed with the four pillars of industry, sobriety, fellowship, and high ideals, I hope to get into a residency program after graduating from UHCOP and work as a clinical, community, or informatics pharmacist. One fun fact about me is my best friends and I started a monthly book club over the summer to encourage us to read new books of different genres! During our monthly Zoom meetings, we get a chance to discuss the book, but also catch up with each other too.

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