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Rustin Pevehouse


Many of you might remember me from the "Productivity Software Seminar" I presented during orientation, but my name is Rustin Pevehouse (pronounced with two hard "e" sounds) and I am proud to serve as the current Webmaster for the Kappa Psi Delta Delta Chapter. I am responsible for maintaining, updating and expanding our official website Kappa Psi has given the the opportunity to grow myself professionally, in avenues simply not possible without being a part of this brotherhood. Armed with the four pillars of industry, sobriety, fellowship, and high ideals, I plan to complete PGY1/2 residencies and specialize in emergency medicine or critical care. I am very active in the Texas caving community and while already 100' below ground have descended an additional 170 feet on a rope while in the stream from a waterfall. I am also super in to aquariums, fish-keeping, dogs, cats and anything animal related.

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